Over 25 years of experience and owning one of the longest running production company in Dubai I am confidently can provide full production facilitation, from preproduction to post production. This includes location and talent scout, permits, full line production with producers I have long running and tested experience with. I have association with several production companies covering every size and genre of production. I can provide editing, music scout and sound design, color grading of motion picture projects and photoshop retouching for still photography.


I have extensive traveling experience as a phtographer or DoP to duzzens of countries, With this experience i created a network of professionals who i can work with on upcomming overseas projects. So beside my current residency of Thailand i can bring your project allive in various locatios around the world. I am based in Bangko0k right now and we have a wide variety of productions are happening from international clients all the time. 


I believe you need to have the right camera for each and every project. I am an owner of a Red Helium S35 DSMC2 camera rig which is ready to shoot. In 2019 Heliums were the most frequently used cameras on Netflix new titles. If your project requires a high end cinema or commercial grade quality i can include one in my fee for a very discounted price. It doesnt mean we can only shoot with Red but sometimes you would be surpised how affordable it can be if you rent my gear alongside my services. Just drop and email for details. 

Peter Richweisz